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Co Host: Tracey

Hi, I'm Tracey, one of the co-host of the Disney, Indiana podcast. Age-wise, I'm closer to the Fairy Godmother end than a princess, but I'll always be a kid at heart. I try to enjoy a bit of Disney every day, whether it's through something I watch or listen to, something I'm wearing or just chatting about the topic with Scott or online pals. I've also visited both US Disney theme parks multiple times and consider our Adventures by Disney: Backstage Magic tour a trip of a lifetime.

My Disney Goals:

  1. Stay at the Contemporary and/or Polynesian resorts at Walt Disney World.

  2. Take a Disney cruise - hoping they'll add an Alaskan excursion once they have the new ships in 2011. - Booked in August 2011 for Disney Cruise to Alaska!

  3. Enjoy a meal at Club 33 - Goal Accomplished July 25, 2009!!!!

  4. Take an Adventures by Disney tour combined with a trip to an overseas Disney park.


Favorite Current Disney Attractions:

  1. Space Mountain at Disneyland - just the music alone gets my heart pumping and the smooth-as-glass ride is plenty thrilling enough for a roller coaster wimp like me!

  2. Soarin' - while I still think it's a bit misplaced at Epcot, the ride itself is a glorious experience and a multiple must-do on each visit.

  3. Finding Nemo: The Musical - gorgeous puppetry/costumes and amazing music just enhances an already wonderful story.


Favorite extinct Disney Attractions:

  1. The original Imagination pavilion - not only the ride, but the Image Works and the "Magic Journeys" 3D film are all precious memories.

  2. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea - while the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage at Disneyland is a wonderful attraction, the original sense of exploration and mystery just isn't there anymore.

  3. Inside the Magic: Special Effects and Production Tour - Ah, for the days when the Disney's Hollywood Studio was an actual working film, TV and animation studio.


Favorite Disney Characters:

  1. Eeyore - Explained in Episode one of our podcast

  2. Figment - "A Loveable Little Fellow" who represents the original spirit of EPCOT Center.

  3. Belle - We Share a Love of Books


Co Host: Scott

Note: Scott is the one on the left

Hello, my name is Scott and I am the other co-host of the Disney, Indiana Podcast.  I'm a 30something guy who never really wanted to grow up.  I still enjoy all things Disney including movies, theme parks and meeting with the characters.  I've visited both Walt Disney World and Disneyland several times and even taken one Adventures by Disney Trip.

Disney goals I have

  1. Stay at the Contemporary Resort at Walt Disney World

  2. Take a Disney Cruise - Preferably a repositioning cruise 

  3. Eat at Club 33 - Goal Accomplished July 25, 2009!!!!

  4. Visit an overseas Disney park


Favorite current Disney attractions

  1. Mr. Toad's Wild Ride at Disneyland - I loved this ride at Walt Disney World as well, I'm glad it's still around in Disneyland.

  2. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad - First coaster I ever road

  3. Legend of the Lion King Show - A day at Disney's Animal Kingdom is not complete without this show


Favorite extinct Disney attractions

  1. Cranium Command at Epcot

  2. The original Journey into Imagination at Epcot

  3. The Magic Kingdom Skyway


Favorite Disney Characters

  1. Jessica Rabbit - need I say more?

  2. Goofy - I share his outlook and style

  3. Buzzy - Long live Cranium Command


If I could make just one change to an existing Disney Park, it would be bye-bye hat at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Outside of Disney, I enjoy golf and bowling, driving my 1966 Chevy Corvair and zombie movies.


Tracey and Scott together

Our first trip together to Walt Disney World in 1996 during Walt Disney World's 25th anniversary.   We have been to WDW together eleven times and Disneyland together 3 times.  We've also taken the Adventures By Disney: Backstage Magic tour, seen Beauty and the Beast and Lion King stage shows and a couple of Disney on Ice performances.

If you would like to read about some of our past Disney trips, please check out our trip report archive!

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